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Join the talk "How to Develop Orchestration Logic in APIs with Baker"

Baker is a Java/Scala library. We built it because there was no way we could achieve the functionality required for mobile onboarding with plain vanilla Java. It is a design-time and run-time library that speeds up the development of orchestration logic in APIs. Currently teams in Amsterdam, Leeuwarden and Brussels are successfully building complex orchestration logic with Baker and are very happy with the results.


We’ve also open-sourced Baker in order to give back to the community and show how cool ING is. The talk introduces Baker and its core concepts such as recipes, ingredients and business events. In a live demo the developer's workflow with Baker is shown: writing a recipe in Java, then visualizing and unit-testing it.


Do you want to learn more about it. Join the track of ING at 13.30h in the New York 1 room.